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MOVIE REVIEW: Prometheus

For thirteen glorious uncut minutes the Pigs discuss the latest Ridley Scott picture as well as Men In Black III, Battleship, and Rock of Ages. There are important lessons here, you guys. This isn’t just a bunch of guys on a porch discussing movies. It’s a bunch of guys on a porch discussing movies AND drinking beers. (Pro tip: watch out for water snakes with vagina heads…they’re really mean.)

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Star Wars Episode I – The Phantom Menace (1999)

poster_starwarsep1Feel the power of the Force as it lulls the Film Pigs into a state of continuous hatred for the awful, awful mess that is George Lucas’ less-than- pedestrian follow up to the classic sci-fi trilogy. (IMDb)

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD).