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DVD COMMENTARY: Torque (2004)

TorqueCombining the subtle nuances of “The Fast And The Furious” with the drum-tight structure of “Timerider”, Torque feels much longer than it’s running time of 84 minutes. Some people might consider that quality filmmaking – others might use it to interrorgate enemy combatants in secret prisons. Either way, Torque’s timeless message is clear: motorcycles are, like, cool and stuff! Radical! (IMDb)

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MOVIE REVIEW: Shoot ‘Em Up (2007)

This is our movie review of Shoot ‘Em Up. It seems kind of pointless now, considering they were removing the film from the theater reel by reel as we were watching it. But there’s a funny cat video in our vlog, so that makes it much more exciting than Shoot ‘Em Up! (IMDb) Continue reading

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