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This is it. All the posts to the Film Pigs site in one giant, cumbersome list.

Podcast #148 – The Pig Picture: 2022 Summer Movie Predictions

The Film Pigs are back and declaring summer 2022 to be a Hot Pig Summer! And we’re kicking things off by looking at the upcoming summer movie releases and giving our predictions: big hit, big flop, delayed indefinitely due to a star’s bad behavior or the imminent collapse of our republic? Who knows? Plus, what we’ve seen lately and a guessing game involving lots of money!

Podcast #147 – The Pig Picture: 80s Movies Sequels

The Pigs are back with your May flowers – a podcast talking about the recent trend of sequels to 30+ year old movies and what 80s sequels we’d like to see next. Plus, what we’ve seen lately and a rousing game of trivia. All fully vaccinated!

Podcast #146 – The Pig Picture: Is It All IP’s Fault?

It’s the end of April and the Pigs are back with a hard-hitting look at the movie industry’s obsession with IP. IP! Gotta have good IP! Four quadrant IP! Billion dollar IP! You got no IP? Get lost, loser! Plus games and Falk’s driving through a tunnel the whole time.

Podcast #145 – The Bacon: The Best Picture Nominee Breakdown Meltdown!

In this Bacon episode, Falk and Anderson have a very serious discussion in breaking down each very serious movie up for a very serious award from a very serious organization that gives out very serious gold trophies. Look, this is serious, you guys.

Podcast #143 – The Bacon: 2021 Movies Roundup

We missed December (let’s be honest, we were all just waiting out the end of 2021, right?) but are back for 2022! This episode the Pigs review al the movies they saw in 2021, in theaters or at home streaming, locked away from a world gone mad. SPOILER ALERT: Todd risked going to the theater multiple times – and some of his risks were highly questionable.