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This is it. All the posts to the Film Pigs site in one giant, cumbersome list.

Podcast #131 – Warner Bros 2021 Streaming Slate

GET LOST 2020! The Film Pigs are back in full effect, sending off this hell year with a show about Warner Bros. decision to release their entire 2021 slate on HBO Max! Plus, movie news, courtroom, drama, games, and more! Get it in your ears to soothe the last few hours of 2020!

PODCAST #130 – THE BACON: Mash-Ups

It’s Black Pigsday! And the best deal to be found is this absolutely free podcast! Spend your post-Thanksgiving day snacking on leftovers and listening to Todd and Skelton talk about movie mash-ups in this very special* episode of The Bacon!

*Meaning, Falk wasn’t available and this is what we came up with.

Podcast #129 – The Bacon: Horror Movies We’ve Seen Lately

Boo! This podcast is so scary, kids! The Pigs are talking what horror movies they’ve seen lately, their favorite scariest moments from the movies, hypothetical movie questions, and more – all just in time for Halloween!

Podcast #128 – Movies During The Pandemic, Part Deux

As we close out the 6th full month of quarantine, the Pigs return with an update on how the pandemic has affected the film industry, their own viewing habits, and how things have changed. Plus, your regular movie news, a landmark movie court decision, a truly unpredictable game, and much more!

Podcast #127 – Long-Gestating Sequels

The Pigs brave the SoCal heatwave to bring you an August podcast! This time, we’re celebrating the imminent release of Bill & Ted 3 by talking about long-gestating sequels. Plus, the usual nonsense like movie news, courtroom drama, games, and extra commentary on the cleaning habits of Todd’s dumb cat.


We pulled a George Lucas! The original High Definition version of our very first Film Pigs on GeekNation episode has been lost in time, but we still had most of the original footage, so we did the only reasonable thing: we re-cut the show in as much glorious HD as possible! Please enjoy this extended version of our very first show as it was meant to be seen: on the internet, just like the original version. But this version has more jokes and took much more time to render on a computer.

HUGE thanks to Jon Salvia for a Herculean amount of post-production and Adam Blau for providing our custom BWAAAMM!!! sound.

Watch the original version of this episode here.