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The Pigpen

We’ve had lots of fantastic guest stars on our shows – check out the tags below!

GeekNation Show #221 – Trolling

Kether “K Dawg” Donohue of You’re the Worst fame is back for more shenanigans with the Piggies. Over some delicious popcorn they discuss Doctor Strange, Trolls, and Hacksaw Ridge, and then impart an important message for people who love the movies. Please watch. Please enjoy. Please fall in love with us.

GeekNation Show #195 – New World Order

The Piglettes (Kether Donohue, Lauran September, Gigi Graff and Hilary Anderson) are back for the second week in a row! They weigh in on the week’s big releases including a small indie picture called Captain America: Civil War, then they unveil trailers for all new franchise pictures starring women instead of the usual, boring dudes. It’s a killer time, so grab a glass of popcorn and let the ladies of Pigdom help you through the movie labyrinth!

GeekNation Show #194 – Show It Off

The Film Piglettes, led by the aggressively marvelous energy of Kether Donohue (You’re the Worst, Grease Live,) once again take over the proceedings. Flanked by Lauran September (The Muppets,) Gigi Graff (Free the Nipple,) and Hilary Anderson (Married with Children,) Kether takes us on a journey through the week’s big movie releases including Keanu and Mother’s Day. Then the Piglettes deliver an impassioned appeal for gender equality in film making. If you think the boys know how to knock back popcorn, you’ve got another thing coming.

GeekNation Show #172 – Science’s Thanksgiving Sciencing

The Piglettes return in the form of Kether Donohue, Collette Wolfe and Eva Anderson to provide you with a much needed break from your horrible, horrible family. They enjoy popcorn. They talk the big Turkey Day movies. Then, as if that isn’t all you need, they blind you with science.