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Podcast #110 – Spielberg vs Netflix

After a series of illnesses, the Film Pigs are back with a brand-new podcast for March! This episode is a thoughtful discussion on what defines a movie, in the wake of Steven Spielberg’s argument against Netflix releases qualifying for Oscars instead of Emmys. Plus, movie news, a trip to the courtroom, a bizarre line reading, games, and so much more!

Podcast #33 – The Bacon: The Indiana Jones Movies

Despondent over losing one of their own to the metropolis called New York City (in the movies, Metropolis), the Film Pigs scramble for a comforting subject in the form of Indiana Jones. This podcast is an episode of The Bacon, where the Pigs delve deep into a single subject, talk it straight into the ground, and then keep talking some more. With special guest Hilary Anderson and music by Adam Blau.

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Podcast #6 – Summer Movies & Blockbusters

It’s our sixth podcast! We’ve done this six times! With summer fast approaching, this episode is devoted to Big Summer Event Blockbuster Movies! The Pigs discuss the rise of the blockbuster and why three old and cynical men don’t get nearly as excited about the movies as they used to. There must be some reason. Also, our takes on the latest, critically important movie news, Movie Jail, fun and games, an adventurous cold reading, and much, much more! Well, not that much, but there’s definitely more.

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Lucas Wanted Indy To Be A Pedophile

As if you needed another reason to think ‘ol Georgie was a gigantodouche, now it looks like he wanted everybody’s favorite archaeologist/adventurer to commit statutory rape. According to a transcript of a story meeting between Lucas, Spielberg, and Lawrence Kasdan, George expressed his windowless-van-full-of-candy side: Continue reading Lucas Wanted Indy To Be A Pedophile