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Podcast #27 – The Bacon: Todd Robert Anderson

Here comes a fresh episode of The Bacon! This time, we’re focusing on the maddening psyche of Film Pig Todd Robert Anderson. Why is he an actor? No, seriously, why is he an actor? How does he approach his craft? When is it kind of pointless to use “craft” on set? What movies excited him as a child? Why don’t movies excite him in the same way now? What is the root of his terrible DVD collecting problem? Why won’t we stop asking him so many questions? Plus, where’s Falk? (As always, awesome music by Adam Blau.)

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Podcast #13 – The Leading Lady

A few weeks ago, the Film Pigs recorded what could only be considered their finest, wittiest, most insightful, and tightest podcast ever. Then, GarageBand crashed and ate the whole thing. After a respectful mourning period, the Pigs regrouped and did it again – because they are amazing professionals. Who have a lot of free time.

This episode, the Pigs explore the role of The Leading Lady, expose cutting-edge Movie News, send another film professional to Movie Jail, engage in an exciting and educational round of Trivia, and more!

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Podcast #8 – Graphic Violence

They tried to silence us! But then we paid our web hosting fees and they were all like, “Do whatever you want, your account is up to date.” So the Film Pigs are back for another groundbreaking, life-changing, time-consuming podcast! This time, we tackle graphic violence in film, discuss important movie news about candy, introduce a fun new segment, Falk puts someone near and dear on trial for Movie Jail, Todd takes us to Straight To DVD Corner, and dead-or-alive you’re cold reading with us!

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Jeremy Renner Is Not Jason Bourne In New Bourne Movie

Jeremy Renner has been cast as the lead in the new, non-Greengrass, non-Damon Jason Bourne sequel, but is not playing Jason Bourne. Via Yahoo! Movies:

Universal couldn’t let such a profitable franchise die, though, so they gave Gilroy the director’s chair and set about casting a new lead, someone who is not Jason Bourne, but is certainly cut from his proverbial cloth.

Now, I am all for a Bourne movie without the annoying, action-destroying Paul Greengrass Super-Shaky-Cam, but a Bourne movie without Jason Bourne is kind of confusing. What’s the point? Other than the money, of course.