Podcast #145 – The Bacon: The Best Picture Nominee Breakdown Meltdown!

In this Bacon episode, Falk and Anderson have a very serious discussion in breaking down each very serious movie up for a very serious award from a very serious organization that gives out very serious gold trophies. Look, this is serious, you guys.

Podcast #143 – The Bacon: 2021 Movies Roundup

We missed December (let’s be honest, we were all just waiting out the end of 2021, right?) but are back for 2022! This episode the Pigs review al the movies they saw in 2021, in theaters or at home streaming, locked away from a world gone mad. SPOILER ALERT: Todd risked going to the theater multiple times – and some of his risks were highly questionable.

Podcast #142 – The Bacon: Song Vs. Movie

A busy holiday season means this November’s podcast is an episode of The Bacon. Todd and Skelton get into it over whether a movie’s featured song made the movie a hit, or if the movie made the song popular. But before that they ramble on about movies they’ve seen, including those omnipresent Marvel ones.

Podcast #141 – The Pig Picture: Shock Value

Remember, remember the Pigs in November! Because we forgot about October, the Pigs are hitting November early with an intense discussion about Shock Value in movies. Plus, an entirely too long segment about what we’ve seen lately and a game that predictably upsets Todd but has an unpredictable ending!

Podcast #140 – The Pig Picture: The Industry’s Next 10 Years

We’re trying something new this episode – not a Bacon, not a regular episode, but something in-between. Because this pandemic is exhausting and we needed something to shake up the monotony. Also, prepping a full episode is hard work and Skelton is very, very tired. Give him a break! There’s still a game and arguing.