About The Film Pigs…

The Film Pigs are old buddies who love the movies, and love to talk about the movies. And while going to the movies is their favorite thing to do, they are unafraid to turn their satirical eye on the objects of their affection and skewer Hollywood’s magic with hilarious commentary and sketches. They started as a late-night Los Angeles stage show which garnered a cult following in the late 1990s and early 2000s, later shifting their attention to internet content including alternate DVD commentaries, podcasts, video movie reviews, and a web show produced by GeekNation.com.

Todd Robert AndersonTodd Robert Anderson (IMDb) went to a university before moving to Los Angeles. He’s been working as an actor for fifteen years, mostly in commercials and as a “bit player” in television series such as Weeds and CSI and feature films such as Blast From The Past and Repli-Kate. He’s self-published two books, one about his experiences as an actor called “Don’t Act: 101 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t” and the other a horror novel called “The Last Road Trip.” He currently is collecting unemployment and hassling with the opossums in his garage. Follow him on Twitter at @tonnslingdog.

Stephen FalkStephen Falk (IMDb) is a Writers Guild Award nominated writer. He is the Creator & Executive Producer of NBC’s upcoming “Next Caller,” starring Dane Cook, Collette Wolfe, and Jeffrey Tambor. He also serves as Co-Executive Producer on Showtime’s “Weeds.” Go to stephenfalk.com for more, if you really must. Or follow him on Twitter at @stephenfalk.

Stephen J. SkeltonStephen J. Skelton (IMDb) received his BFA in Acting/Directing from Indiana University but has since lost his diploma so don’t ask for proof. Since moving to Los Angeles when the economy was solid and no overt wars were being fought, he’s worked as a production assistant smart enough not to drive across a picket line, a Stage Manager at Universal Studios Hollywood, a tech startup office drone, a screenwriter of absolutely no renown, and as a video game designer on such diverse franchises as MEDAL OF HONOR and CALL OF DUTY. He also does the occasional Twittering at @StephenJSkelton.

Music for The Film Pigs Podcast provided by Adam Blau.

Film Pigs Fun Facts!

As of June 7, 2020, the Film Pigs have produced over 296 hours of content, every second of it jaw-dropping in its brilliance and quality.

  • 227 episodes (58+ hours) of the Film Pigs on GeekNation web show
  • 124 episodes (134+ hours) of The Film Pigs Podcast
  • 52 episodes (93+ hours) of Movie Commentaries
  • 88 episodes (11+ hours) of Movie Review Vlogs