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Podcast #82 – The Bacon: Speaking Seagal (Code of Honor)

And so it all comes to an end. Thankfully, this is the third and final “after show” for the Film Pigs’ Summer of Seagal! In this Bacon episode, Todd and Skelton discuss CODE OF HONOR, the third Steven Seagal movie they’ve watched this summer. Todd has spent his money on these movies instead of saving for his child’s future because he is an irresponsible parent, and he’s forced Skelton to watch these same movies because he is a cruel friend. Honor the code.

Commentary – Code of Honor (2016)

poster_codeofhonorIt’s finally here! The END of the Summer of Seagal! This time, it’s a commentary for CODE OF HONOR – a movie where Steven Seagal plays some guy who kills people for some reason. However, in a surprise twist, Seagal seems to be wearing some kind of backwards ball cap instead of his standard-issue do-rag. This is actually the best of the three Seagal movies we watched this summer, but it’s still terrible. And Skelton is still mad at Todd for making him do this.

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD).

Podcast #80 – The Bacon: Speaking Seagal (The Asian Connection)

Here we go again, dumbly following in the footsteps of successful television after-shows, devoting an entire podcast to discussing the movie we just watched for a commentary. The Asian Connection is yet another direct-to-video Steven Seagal release that, while still awful, is far more palatable than the previous Speaking Seagal picture Sniper: Special Ops. And just like Sniper, it gave Skelton a headache.

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Commentary – The Asian Connection (2016)

poster_theasianconnectionThe Summer of Seagal plows ahead full steam with a commentary on The Asian Connection! Two dumb bank robbers run afoul of Seagal’s criminal empire and they have to do something for him but really end up stealing money from him and he gets angry and Tom Sizemore has a story credit but does not appear in this movie. And there’s one pretty OK action shot. Stay tuned for our companion show, Speaking Seagal, on our podcast.

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: If movie starts with fade in on water, start commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD). If movie starts with Momentum Pictures logo, start commentary 21 seconds after starting movie.

Podcast #79 – The Bacon: Speaking Seagal (Sniper: Special Ops)

The Film Pigs follow in the grand tradition of television networks that wanted a cheap way to retain their hit show audiences for an extra half hour of advertising sales by launching our first-ever after show: Speaking Seagal! This episode of The Bacon is a companion to our commentary of the movie Sniper Special Ops, part of our innovative summer series to kill time while Falk is shooting the latest season of You’re the Worst. Watch your six!

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