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It’s our very own weekly web show on that ran from 2012-2016 (IMDb)! Movie reviews, previews, sketches, and popcorn! We did it!


We pulled a George Lucas! The original High Definition version of our very first Film Pigs on GeekNation episode has been lost in time, but we still had most of the original footage, so we did the only reasonable thing: we re-cut the show in as much glorious HD as possible! Please enjoy this extended version of our very first show as it was meant to be seen: on the internet, just like the original version. But this version has more jokes and took much more time to render on a computer.

HUGE thanks to Jon Salvia for a Herculean amount of post-production and Adam Blau for providing our custom BWAAAMM!!! sound.

Watch the original version of this episode here.

GeekNation Show #227 – A Few of Our Favorite Things

OUR FINAL FILM PIGS ON GEEKNATION SHOW! Collette Wolfe and Levi Fiehler and whiskers on kittens. Popcorn and Rashes and fluffy white mittens. Skelton and Falk and hot Toddies for drinking. Movies and jokies and sketches for thinking. These are a few of our favorite things, and we need now more than ever because 2016 was so baaaaaaaaad! Enjoy the last of it, and will oink our way back into your hearts in the new year. Beware the Krampus!

GeekNation Show #225 – The Final Countdown

In the first of the final three episodes of 2016, Los Angeles critic Jason Rohrer is back to take on Incarnate, Shia Labeouf, and jerks on the Internet, as well as the Pigs themselves. Alixandrée Antoine is also on hand for one of the most cruelly funny Pigs episodes ever. Steve Skelton and Todd Anderson share hosting duties while Stephen Falk lends his expertise writing to a very silly sketch. Grab a glass of popcorn and get messed up with the Film Pigs. Now.

GeekNation Show #224 – Bacon-Wrapped Turkeys

Just in time for your Thanksgiving break, the Pigs are back with outspoken Los Angeles critic, Jason Rohrer. Will he put the Pigs in their place? Will he rip their work to shreds? Who cares? They don’t, they are drunk on popcorn. And here’s a special bonus: favorite recurring guest co-host Alixandrée Antoine is back, and it turns out she has another internet show that you’ll get to learn all about. So, lock yourself in the bathroom to get away from your stupid family, and visit with your bestest oldest friends who like to make fun of the movies.