One thought on “Podcast #131 – Warner Bros 2021 Streaming Slate”

  1. Re: John Boyega being overly negative to press. Post George Floyd Boyega became the celeb face of BLM in the UK. He was being encouraged to speak his truth about all manner of subjects. He has embraced this role along with the assumption that the current climate will support his dissent and own attempts to disrupt the hegemony. Boyega is not grateful for his Hollywood.oppoprtunity. on the contrary, as an educated and empowered PoC he views his ascent as overdue and pioneering. He is not going to do this meekly.

    Re: Wild Mountain Thyme criticism. The UK casting process has always liberally cast English, Scots, Welsh, Irish in the same role without fear of criticism. Ironically, the growing awareness of identity politics has led to all groups objecting to stereotyping but these particular stereotypes are considered unimportant in light of more substantial prejudicial attitudes (racism). This has led some poorly informed segments of society to believe that you cannot be racist to a white person.

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