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Podcast #111 – Falk Thinks Marvel Movies Are For Dumb Babies

What better way to celebrate the opening week of AVENGERS: ENDGAME, the culmination of a decade’s worth of Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, than a Film Pigs podcast centered around Falk airing his grievances with the entire franchise? Don’t answer that, because you’re getting Falk airing his grievances with the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise anyway. Plus, movie news, a rousing and passionate courtroom drama, a trivia game that is absolutely not a trivia game, and so much more!

Podcast #68 – Spider-Man Casting Backlash

We almost did it! We almost got a podcast recorded for June! Then we didn’t. Now it’s July and here’s the podcast we tried to do in June. Todd and Skelton are back with a new mostly-regular-style podcast while Falk is away working hard on television for you all to enjoy this fall! The best part of this one is a cold reading where Todd has to do all the work! Take that, Todd!

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Podcast #57 – Second-Tier Comic Book Movies

It’s another triumphant return for the Film Pigs! Believe it or not, all 3 pigs are back with a regular podcast! This one has everything: breaking movie news, a riveting discussion, social justice, strange line readings, a mind-numbing cold reading, a trivia quiz, Todd’s senseless rage at the trivia quiz, and more! You’re welcome, internet!

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Podcast #54 – Marvel vs. DC Comic Book Movies

The Film Pigs are back with a brand-new podcast for April. This episode is a regular podcast but minus Film Pig Stephen Falk, who is off having a successful career. However, the remaining unemployed Pigs are joined by special guest David T. Cole of Previously.TV and the fabulous Extra Hot Great podcast! Movie news, scintillating discussion, legal drama, and a challenging game are all packed into this episode. Plus, for the first time ever, a guest ambushes the Pigs with a surprise segment! (And for more of the great David T. Cole, give a listen to our commentary on Commando!)

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