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A Lovely Companion Podcast For Film Pigs Fans!

I, the great Todd Anderson, sat down with Los Angeles critic Jason Rohrer to yammer our way through the eighties cult classic “CHUD.” No, it’s not a commentary. It’s two malcontents talking about everything from altercations with homeless people to getting free swag from movie studios. Check it out here http://www.hipcast.com/podcast/Hj8yJb , and subscribe on iTunes.

GeekNation Show #18 – Three Entire Pigs

For the first time ever, all three Film Pigs are in studio together! (Don’t get used to it.) The are joined by their friend Michael Holland, and discuss the week’s releases, as well as create new laws for the cinema in a segment called “Mayor of Movies.” Film Pigs episodes don’t get more special than this! Or maybe they do. We don’t really know.

GeekNation Show #16 – Vampires, Werewolves, and Sparkling Pigs

Old guys shouldn’t really weigh in on the latest Twilight movie, but the Pigs do anyway with the help of special guest Morgan Walsh. Morgan also treats us to a scenery chewing performance in a sketch on how to be remembered as an actress in Hollywood. As if that’s not enough, this episode is not to be missed because it is the absolutely last time Stephen J. Skelton will ever be seen shirtless on the internet again.

Podcast #37 – The Bacon: Todd’s Movie Career

Yes, it’s another Bacon episode. Yes, we’re talking about Todd again. Cut us some slack, we’ve been working and Falk’s been stuck in NY without power. Although, Todd usually has pretty good stories about shows he’s worked on, so this isn’t so bad.

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

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GeekNation Show #9 – Take it or Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Pigs tell you whether you should see the latest scary cartoon for kids, take another shot at seeing the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, and uncover some amazing deleted scenes from popular feature films.

Podcast #36 – The Bacon: Sampling Todd’s DVDs

Once more, unto The Bacon, dear friends! Still flying in missing Pig formation, this episode of the Film Pigs Podcast focuses on Todd Robert Anderson’s terrible mental illness: his obsession with collecting DVDs and Blu-rays. Sequestered in a room lined with shelves of plastic discs, Skelton pulls 12 random movies and demands Todd explain himself before it’s too late. It’s kind of like Intervention, but very lazy and nothing is really accomplished.

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

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