Podcast #103: The Bacon – Moviegoing Experience 2018

It’s so hot this summer that the Pigs are spending more time in cool, comfortable air conditioned movie theaters watching The Rock jump into burning buildings and Jason Statham fight ridiculously giant sharks! So, it’s a perfect time to talk about the state of the moviegoing experience in 2018! How can theaters compete with streaming services and giant UHD home theater TVs? What does this mean for the future of the classic movie theater? Why do the Pigs assume it will involve orgies? All these questions, and more, in this episode!

Podcast #102: The Bacon – Cold Reading Challenge

The Pigs of Summer are back with a brand-new podcast! Sure, it’s a Bacon episode since Falk is consumed with creating the Golden Age of Television, but remaining Pigs Todd and Skelton are not currently gainfully employed so why not do a podcast! This episode, the Pigs talk a bit about everyone’s favorite unclear-business-plan business, MoviePass. Then it’s on to a Cold Reading Challenge, the rules of which Skelton gets completely wrong because he wasn’t listening to Todd when they were explained. There is also a very unfair rating system employed by Todd.

Podcast #101: Shark Movies

Spring is in the air and the Film Pigs are in the studio for a brand-new podcast! And it’s a full-on regular episode featuring all three Pigs talking Shark Movies! But we don’t just cover the rise of the Shark-centric movie since the 70s, we also cover the latest movie news, conduct important legal proceedings, get a visit from Todd’s cousin Tonn, play a lightning fast game, and so much more!

Podcast #100: The Bacon – The Women of Payback

It’s our 100th podcast! And what better way to celebrate than with a Bacon episode since our regular podcast schedule fell through! We KNEW you’d love that idea! This time, Todd and Skelton are talking about the women of Payback, a sequel of sorts to our last episode about The Rock (which we recorded before his weird Saudi meeting). This time, we take a look at the careers of Maria Bello, Deborah Kara Unger, and Lucy Liu – mostly wondering why there aren’t three separate action franchises starring each of them. There’s thrills! There’s chills! There’s an extended period where Skelton can’t remember the name of the actor Alan Cumming! This episode has everything, people!

Podcast #99: The Bacon – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Want to hear two middle-aged dum-dums talk about Dwyane “The Rock” Johnson for almost an hour? Then you’re in luck! This episode of The Film Pigs Podcast is a yummy Bacon episode focusing on the rise to stardom of former professional wrestler The Rock. With fellow Pig Falk missing-in-action, it’s up to Todd and Skelton to discuss Johnson’s calculated rise to fame and their surprise at how much they both enjoyed that latest Jumanji thing.

Podcast #98: Straight-to-Video in the Netflix Era

The month of February is short, but this episode of The Film Pigs Podcast is long! Fresh from an Italian dinner and several drinks, the Pigs delve into the streaming era of movies and what that means for traditional straight-to-video fare, as well as future moviegoing in general. Plus, your latest movie news, the not-at-all-important-but-you-get-it-anyway thoughts on Black Panther by three middle-aged white guys, courtroom drama, a high stakes all-or-nothing game, and so much more!