The Film Pigs Podcast #85: The Bacon – Skelton Recommends Holiday Movies

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400It’s the very, very end of November and the Film Pigs just can’t let this magical month pass without some sort of podcast! We had a proper show ready to record but real-life got in the way, so instead Todd Robert Anderson presents another edition of The Bacon! This time, he’s assembled a list of all theatrically released Christmas movies since Skelton was born and forces him to give his recommendations. Skelton thinks this premise is pretty thin, but Todd makes him do it anyway and they both learn about the true meaning of Christmas (barf).

GeekNation Show #224: Bacon-Wrapped Turkeys

Just in time for your Thanksgiving break, the Pigs are back with outspoken Los Angeles critic, Jason Rohrer. Will he put the Pigs in their place? Will he rip their work to shreds? Who cares? They don’t, they are drunk on popcorn. And here’s a special bonus: favorite recurring guest co-host Alixandree Antoine is back, and it turns out she has another internet show that you’ll get to learn all about. So, lock yourself in the bathroom to get away from your stupid family, and visit with your bestest oldest friends who like to make fun of the movies.

The Film Pigs Podcast #84: Movies Made By Criminals, Or At Least Suspicious People And/Or Jerks: Can You Separate Art From The Artist?

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400Boo! It’s a new Film Pigs Podcast just in time for Halloween! And the show has absolutely nothing to do with Halloween! But it’s got all three Pigs together again for a proper show with all the regular segments and hardly any technical glitches at all! A Halloween miracle! Enjoy an in-depth discussion on separating art from the artist, mostly already out of date movie news, bizarre line readings, fun and games, and so much more! Happy Halloween!