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MOVIE REVIEW: Prometheus

For thirteen glorious uncut minutes the Pigs discuss the latest Ridley Scott picture as well as Men In Black III, Battleship, and Rock of Ages. There are important lessons here, you guys. This isn’t just a bunch of guys on a porch discussing movies. It’s a bunch of guys on a porch discussing movies AND drinking beers. (Pro tip: watch out for water snakes with vagina heads…they’re really mean.)

MOVIE REVIEW: X-Men – First Class

Part funny guys! Part movie critics! All scotch lovers! The Pigs saw the new X-Men movie! Marvel as they complain and then eventually turn the conversation to Robocop, which seems to be where they always wind up! Every sentence in this description ends with an exclamation point!

Featured Film Pigs Listicle: Favorite Comic Book-Style Movie Super Hero


The Film Pigs start summer off with a happy bang when they see Fast Five! The Rock sweats, the Diesel burns, the Tyrese looks great, and the Walker…I don’t know, talks sometimes. Also, the Pigs discuss what they’ve seen lately and get all up in your listicle with a very, very special guest! (She’s crazy sexy, so check it out one time, won’t you?)

Featured Film Pigs Listicle: Favorite Clusterfuck Movie