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GeekNation Show #178: Here We Go Again

It’s January, so essentially the Film Pigs are here to tell you everything in the theatres is garbage. Luckily, the luminescent Alixandree Antoine is on hand to help the medicine go down. And look for some special guests, all drunk on popcorn, when the Pigs talk the worst movies they’ve ever seen!

GeekNation Show #177: New Year’s Piggin’ Eve

It’s a New Year special the likes of which you haven’t seen since Jamie Kennedy did that thing one time! Jonathan Mangum, Joshua Butler, Alixandree Antoine and Shannon Hillary join Steve, Steve and Todd to ring in the new year Film Pig style! New Year resolutions, Rash Judgments, and popcorn! Huzzah!

GeekNation Show #176: Piggies Were Stirring

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the GeekNation studio, not a creature was stirring, except a bunch of those crazy Pigs! And Shannon Hillary was there to bring cheer and there was a bunch of surprise guests talking about their favorite trips to the movies on Christmas. Also, the egg nog has no eggs or nog in it, just booze. And Rash Judgments on the big Christmas Day releases came on the crest of a new fallen snow. Merry Christmas to all, and let’s all stay up all night…watching movies! Happy holidays, folks.

GeekNation Show #151: Two Girls, a Guy, and a Concession Stand

With both Todd and Falk MIA, Skelton invites Alixandrée Antoine and Shannon Hillary to the candy counter for Rash Judgements and a sneak preview of an upcoming low-fi horror movie (that is totally NOT completely made up).

Plus, Todd taunts everyone from his Hawaiian vacation paradise.