Commentary – Sniper: Special Ops (2016)

poster_sniperspecialopsThe Film Pigs are Oscar Mike with a brand new commentary! With fellow Pig Stephen Falk missing-in-action, it’s up to Todd and Skelton to cowboy up and finish the mission. But this latest Seagal direct-to-video mumble show is a relentless enemy and no man escapes unscathed. Once you’ve finished this commentary, have a listen to our after-show Speaking Seagal on our podcast. It’s a dumb gimmick we’ll be doing all summer long! Welcome to the suck!

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD).

2 thoughts on “Commentary – Sniper: Special Ops (2016)”

  1. The worst (or greatest) example of this type of marketing shenanigans is DELTA FORCE 3 which proudly proclaims to star NORRIS, CASSAVETES, DOUGLAS and PENN.

    But above those names in tiny lettering is Mike, Nick, Eric and Matthew.

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