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It’s our very own weekly web show on that ran from 2012-2016 (IMDb)! Movie reviews, previews, sketches, and popcorn! We did it!

GeekNation Show #214 – Make It Great

Actor and musician Andrew Burlinson is on hand to offer his expert opinion on the latest movies over some delicious popcorn. Snowden, Blair Witch and Bridget Jones’s Baby are all judged rashly and perhaps unfairly. Then an important public service announcement about making America great again!

GeekNation Show #212 – Herring Is Caring

Jimmy Hanks and Karen Praxel are back, and they’ve brought their old red friend with them to once again spread terror through the land and sea. But before that, discussions of Canadians who love yoga and famous parents who gave their kids weird names take place over that classic movie snack that sometimes makes the Pigs slur their words: popcorn!