Podcast #152 – The Pig Picture: Heist Movies

It’s nearing All Hallows’ Eve and that means it’s time for a Film Pigs podcast that has nothing to do with Halloween! Ok, we talk about that latest Halloween movie and some other horror stuff but that’s it! Otherwise, this episode is a Pig Picture where we’re talking heist movies – what makes ’em tick, why do we love ’em, what are some of our favorites, and more! Plus, a game that makes mostly everybody mad.

Podcast #151 – The Pig Picture: Streaming Services Impressions

As Hot Climate Change Summer comes to a close the Film Pigs are back with a brand-new podcast! This time we’re looking at streaming services: the big players, the small upstarts, who has an established identity, who’s just flailing around, and more. Plus, a rundown of what we’ve seen lately and a thrill-filled game pitching movies to the streamers!

Podcast #148 – The Pig Picture: 2022 Summer Movie Predictions

The Film Pigs are back and declaring summer 2022 to be a Hot Pig Summer! And we’re kicking things off by looking at the upcoming summer movie releases and giving our predictions: big hit, big flop, delayed indefinitely due to a star’s bad behavior or the imminent collapse of our republic? Who knows? Plus, what we’ve seen lately and a guessing game involving lots of money!