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GeekNation Show #171 – Revenge of the Piglettes

Kether Donohue is back to do a hostile takeover with fellow Piglettes Collette Wolfe and Eva Anderson. First they beat the boys at their own game with popcorn and movie talk and then give them a taste of their own medicine with the Film Pigs Interview!

GeekNation Show #159 – Worsties Parade Part Five (Piglettes Edition)

In this all woman episode of your favorite ever show of all times, You’re The Worst’s Kether Donohue hosts with guest Hilary Anderson and two other ladies who look absolutely nothing like Janet Varney and Aya Cash. They judge some movies rashly, drink popcorn, giggle uncontrollably, and unveil a trailer for the first ever live action Pixar movie. Everyone loves lady Pigs!

GeekNation Show #138 – Expository Nonsense

Kether Donohue of You’re the Worst and Lauran September are this week’s special guest hosts, leaving Steve Skelton and Todd Anderson to fill in the guest spots. It’s an upside down episode, the world is a topsy-turvy place, but that doesn’t mean there won’t still be popcorn, Rash Judgments (including one for Furious 7) and a world premiere trailer for a wacky new studio comedy! What more could you want?

GeekNation Show #115 – September in October

This week, the Film Pigs get extremely loopy with guest host Kether Donohue and special guest Lauran September. They drink way too much popcorn, stumble through some Rash Judgments, smoke gross cigars, and unveil a trailer for a new horror movie just in time for Halloween! I don’t know that you can ask for more internet movie magic than this thing right here. Well, you can. But you won’t get it. Warning: stay off the Ouija board. It’s too scary.