GeekNation Show #111: Sleeping on the Job

Clare Kramer is back! And how could that not be the greatest thing? The Film Pigs get into the popcorn and movies and the jokes with Clare, who is to the Pigs what Alec Baldwin is to SNL. A high honor for her, to be sure! And as if it’s not enough just to see her, she teaches a master class in film acting the likes of which has never been seen before! Kick back, pour a glass of popcorn, and usher in your weekend with the magic! (more…)

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The Film Pigs Podcast #58: Disaster Movies

FP_Podcast_Album_1400We’re back! Some might say better than ever! Others might tell us go to hell! Any way you look at it, the Film Pigs Podcast is here to bring you the finest in movie news, discussion, and light-hearted fun! Except this episode was recorded a few weeks ago, so we’re just making up the news this time. And Todd is still very, very angry about losing the game in the last episode, so the fun isn’t so much “light-hearted” as “at Todd’s expense.” Enjoy!


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MOVIE COMMENTARY: Commando (Director’s Cut)

dvdcover100w_commandodircutRemember when the Film Pigs said we’d do a commentary for Commando? We lied! We did a commentary for the Director’s Cut of Commando! Yes, there’s a director’s cut! No, we don’t know why, either! But none of that matters because Todd and Skelton are joined once again by David T. Cole of Previously.TV and the Extra Hot Great podcast! There is insightful commentary! There are delicious snacks! There is a general inability to refrain from using exclamation points! Commando Director’s Cut! (And if you haven’t heard it already, check out the Film Pigs Podcast featuring David!)


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MOVIE REVIEW: Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit & I, Frankenstein

Todd and Skelton go to a double-feature of January releases and eat movie hot dogs. This is probably a cry for help.

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Jason and Todd Are Back

The Film Pigs’ favorite podcast (other than their own and maybe Walking the Room and anything about sex that Todd can find) is back! It’s Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films, and episode four is about a little known … Continue reading

Film Pigs Podcast #42 Video Highlights: 2 Quiz 2 Furious!

Check it out! Some really excellent professional grade video from our last podcast recording session, coming to you from our brand-new YouTube channel! Please go there and subscribe. It is the only thing that gives our lives meaning. The Film … Continue reading