GeekNation Show #210: War Hogs

The wonderful Alixandrée Antoine fills in for a missing Todd as the Film Pigs welcome the talented writer/actress Amanda Deibert to the show for popcorn, rash judgments, and a very special PSA. Skelton refused to be replaced (he is aware of your letters in ALL CAPS).

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The Film Pigs Podcast #81: Actors Who Phone It In

Film Pigs Podcast Album ArtSurprise! It’s a brand-new, non-Seagal Film Pigs Podcast! In a welcome break from the Summer of Seagal, former Film Pig Andy Kamenetzky (@KamBrothers, iTunes) joins Todd and Skelton for a riveting discussion about actors who phone it in. Plus, movie news, courtroom drama, bizarre line readings, fun and games, and oh so much more! (And yes, Todd is insisting on finishing our Seagal trilogy this summer, but Andy very wisely refused to participate.)


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MOVIE COMMENTARY: The Asian Connection (2016)

poster_theasianconnectionThe Summer of Seagal plows ahead full steam with a commentary on The Asian Connection! Two dumb bank robbers run afoul of Seagal’s criminal empire and they have to do something for him but really end up stealing money from him and he gets angry and Tom Sizemore has a story credit but does not appear in this movie. And there’s one pretty OK action shot. Stay tuned for our companion show, Speaking Seagal, on our podcast.

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: If movie starts with fade in on water, start commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD). If movie starts with Momentum Pictures logo, start commentary 21 seconds after starting movie.

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We Did It! Likes Us!

Want super honest movie reviews? Check out @GeekNation's @FilmPigs from @YTWFXX creator @stephenfalk! #Worsties — Decider (@decider) September 10, 2015  

Todd and Skelton talk Y2K on Bunker Buddies

You remember the hilarious Andie Bolt (@andiebolt) from her Film Pigs on GeekNation appearance. Now, Todd and Skelton spend some time on her and Travis McElroy’s (@travismcelroy) all-things-apocalypse podcast Bunker Buddies! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Y2K is here: … Continue reading