GeekNation Show #159: Worsties Parade Part Five (Piglettes Edition)

In this all woman episode of your favorite ever show of all times, You’re The Worst’s Kether Donohue hosts with guest Hilary Anderson and two other ladies who look absolutely nothing like Janet Varney and Aya Cash. They judge some movies rashly, drink popcorn, giggle uncontrollably, and unveil a trailer for the first ever live action Pixar movie. Everyone loves lady Pigs!

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The Film Pigs Podcast #69: Dance Movies

FP_Podcast_Album_1400Don’t panic! This is not a mistake! Yes, this is the SECOND Film Pigs podcast in the SAME MONTH! Up is down! Left is right! And Todd isn’t sure what show he’s doing! But that won’t stop the Pigs from bringing you a show chock full of the wholesome goodness you’ve come to expect from cranky middle-aged guys: mostly out of date and hastily assembled movie news, a fascinating themed discussion, a lazy bit where we look at stuff on the internet and tell you about it, a bizarre line reading, and some other fun tidbits!


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poster100w_afterearthIt’s the first new Pigs movie commentary in a long, long time to feature all three pigs! And how do we choose to celebrate this special occasion? By sitting through the Will/Jaden Smith starring, M. Knight Shyamalan directed AFTER EARTH! It’s the timeless story of a rich movie star using his influence to get a clunky science fiction movie made featuring his son. Who can’t relate to that? So, curl up in your favorite space hammock and enjoy! Watch out for the meatball!

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Todd and Skelton talk Y2K on Bunker Buddies

You remember the hilarious Andie Bolt (@andiebolt) from her Film Pigs on GeekNation appearance. Now, Todd and Skelton spend some time on her and Travis McElroy’s (@travismcelroy) all-things-apocalypse podcast Bunker Buddies! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Y2K is here: … Continue reading

Google Deep Dream Nightmares

Want to never sleep again? Take a look at these Film Pigs images that have been put through Google Deep Dream (! You’re welcome!

Vizard in the Forest

Uwe Boll hates Kickstarter and everyone who didn’t contribute to his failed Kickstarter: And he hates so much more: Also, Todd made me pretend to be Uwe Boll once: