GeekNation Show #202: Top Geer

This week, Steve Skelton and Todd Anderson are joined by Monty Geer of MTV’s Awkward to talk this week’s big movie releases, including Independence Day: Resurgence and Swiss Army Man. Steve Falk phones in (literally) a Rash Judgment for Matthew McConaughey’s latest, and since he isn’t in house to host, Alixandree Antoine fills in as a special guest co-host! Monty also teaches an important master class in acting, and Todd gets kind of fussy. You know, the usual! Popcorn!

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The Film Pigs Podcast #79: The Bacon – Speaking Seagal: Sniper Special Ops

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400The Film Pigs follow in the grand tradition of television networks that wanted a cheap way to retain their hit show audiences for an extra half hour of advertising sales by launching our first-ever after show: Speaking Seagal! This episode of The Bacon is a companion to our commentary of the movie Sniper Special Ops, part of our innovative summer series to kill time while Falk is shooting the latest season of You’re the Worst. Watch your six!


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MOVIE COMMENTARY: Sniper – Special Ops (2016)

poster_sniperspecialopsThe Film Pigs are Oscar Mike with a brand new commentary! With fellow Pig Stephen Falk missing-in-action, it’s up to Todd and Skelton to cowboy up and finish the mission. But this latest Seagal direct-to-video mumble show is a relentless enemy and no man escapes unscathed. Once you’ve finished this commentary, have a listen to our after-show Speaking Seagal on our podcast. It’s a dumb gimmick we’ll be doing all summer long! Welcome to the suck!

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD).

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We Did It! Likes Us!

Want super honest movie reviews? Check out @GeekNation's @FilmPigs from @YTWFXX creator @stephenfalk! #Worsties — Decider (@decider) September 10, 2015  

Todd and Skelton talk Y2K on Bunker Buddies

You remember the hilarious Andie Bolt (@andiebolt) from her Film Pigs on GeekNation appearance. Now, Todd and Skelton spend some time on her and Travis McElroy’s (@travismcelroy) all-things-apocalypse podcast Bunker Buddies! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Y2K is here: … Continue reading