MOVIE REVIEW: The Expendables (2010)

The Film Pigs really enjoy thick, veiny things that are constantly shooting and exploding. What? No, not that! You’re sick! We’re talking about Sylvester Stallone, the last guy on Earth who can still make action movies without resorting to nonsense plot devices involving dream states or rich people in superhero costumes. This guy can blow stuff up for no good reason. That’s what makes him a real man, people. (IMDb)

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3 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEW: The Expendables (2010)”

  1. Expendables was quite something. Who knew Chris Rock’s Dad kicked so much ass? My favorite dumb action movie of the ’80’s is a tie (even after considering the pros and cons) between Gymkata and Rhinestone.

  2. All reviews should take place in small, enclosed spaces. Easier to “go Top Gun” in that case. Which I want to see again now.

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