MOVIE REVIEW: Man of Steel

Skelton goes to an afternoon screening of MAN OF STEEL and is struck by how drab a comic book movie can be. Also, he doesn’t talk about this in the vlog, but the theater was covered in garbage from the previous screening. Why can’t the movie-going public clean up after themselves? Seriously, you guys.

4 thoughts on “MOVIE REVIEW: Man of Steel”

  1. My words of choice were “dour” and “joyless”
    Even Nolan’s Batman movies had more humour. A Batman movie outfunnies a Superman movie? SHeesh…

  2. Someone on Twitter made me laugh when he posted something like: “Thanks for saving us, Superman. Apart from those 18 skyscrapers.”

    1. After a while I did notice that Supes didn’t seem to be making much of an effort to take the fight AWAY from the densely populated area. But then again, much more fun to see them destroying city blocks than empty countryside.

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