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It’s our very own weekly web show on that ran from 2012-2016 (IMDb)! Movie reviews, previews, sketches, and popcorn! We did it!

GeekNation Show #218: Accounting For Taste

Stephen Falk returns to the set after shooting a season of television, and Pigs fave Shannon Hillary is on hand to help everyone with the transition. Popcorn is had, and it fuels discussions about movies based on cartoons you’ve never heard of and the wonders of thrillers about autistic action accountants. Whatever that is. Then, an important PSA. And would someone please help Todd?

GeekNation Show #217: Clark Gregg Is Not My Father

Carlie Craig is back for the second week in a row! That’s gotta be some kind of record. Anyway, once again she drinks some popcorn with the boys, talks this week’s big releases including The Girl on the Train and The Birth of a Nation, and then she does a sketch! Actually, doing a sketch on this show has to be a real busman’s holiday for someone on MadTV. Thanks, Carlie!