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The Film Pigs Podcast #40: 40th Anniversary Special!

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400Okay, it’s not really that special. But to celebrate the current trend of sex romps at the movies, Todd and Stee chat about the history of films with lots of boobs in them. Unfortunately, this is a podcast so you don’t get to see any of the boobs that they are talking about. But don’t you fret, because there is also some up-to-the-minute movie news, a star who just won’t die hard is put on trial for crimes against cinema, Martin Short makes the grade for the Nic Cage Memorial Line Reading, and much, much more! (We really want Skelton to come back. It’s kinda lonely without him.)


poster_theroomThe Film Pigs did not hit her! We did not–oh, hi, you guys. We did not see you there. What are you doing up here on the roof, just sitting with the football and thinking? Ha ha! That is so great! Maybe later after we are finished working at the bank we can get all our friends together for a party where we watch The Room. It is a really intense movie, guys. Full of love, friendship, betrayal, awkward nudity, football tossing, locations filmed without the proper permits, visible weight fluctuations, and rooftop green screens. You are tearing us apart, Lisa!

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD).

The Film Pigs Podcast #28: The Bacon – Road House

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400Once more unto The Bacon! We assumed the last episode of the Film Pigs Podcast featuring The Bacon would be so well received we went ahead and immediately recorded another one, Matrix-style! Since we’ve run out of hosts to interview, this episode focuses on one movie and one movie only: Road House. Possibly the greatest B-movie ever made, and a personal favorite of the hosts, you will surely be enthralled by the discussion until a polar bear falls on you.  (Music by Adam Blau.)

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MOVIE REVIEW: Captain America – The First Avenger

The Pigs get all patriotic and check out Captain America which they all find just all right. One of them likes it more than the others but for some reason winds up being the crankiest. Also, fun stories from before the movie began, and a discussion on how to appropriately ask for large breasts.

MOVIE COMMENTARY: Caddyshack (1980)

poster_caddyshackHere’s a curveball: the Film Pigs do an alternate DVD commentary for a movie they absolutely LOVE*. We do an admirable job of actually talking about the movie instead of quietly watching or just reciting every single line as it’s spoken (although some of that is involuntary, like breathing or growing nose hair). Joining us for his 12th official viewing of Caddyshack is filmmaker and friend of the Pigs, Frank Stokes! So, we’ve got that going for us. Which is nice. (IMDb)

* It’s also an excuse to stare slack-jawed at Cindy Morgan.

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD).

The Film Pigs Podcast #7: Film Nudity

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400Lucky number seven! The Film Pigs celebrate our seventh podcast with a discussion on a subject near and dear to our hearts: film nudity! Joining the Pigs is special guest, filmmaker and friend Francis Stokes! Plus, some amazing movie news regarding Steven Seagal, Frank puts someone on trial for Movie Jail, bizarre line readings, Tonn Slingdog’s DVD Corner, a cold reading that really ties the room together, trivia, and more!

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