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The Film Pigs Podcast #13: The Leading Lady

FilmPigs_AlbumArtV4_Podcast_1400A few weeks ago, the Film Pigs recorded what could only be considered their finest, wittiest, most insightful, and tightest podcast ever. Then, GarageBand crashed and ate the whole thing. After a respectful mourning period, the Pigs regrouped and did it again – because they are amazing professionals. Who have a lot of free time.

This episode, the Pigs explore the role of The Leading Lady, expose cutting-edge Movie News, send another film professional to Movie Jail, engage in an exciting and educational round of Trivia, and more!

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Rewriting DVD Marketing Blurbs #7: Terminal Velocity

What the back of the DVD case says:

Dynamic Charlie Sheen (The Three Musketeers, Young Guns, TV’s Spin City) delivers fast-paced excitement to this high-flying action-adventure! Sheen stas as Ditch Brodie, a daredevil skydiving instructor who falls hard when a sexy, mysterious beauty (Nastassja Kinski) walks through his door looking for a lesson–and apparently plunges to her death during a parachute jump! Suddenly, Sheen finds himself hurled headlong into a nightmare world of intrigue and deceit–caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse with the Russian mafia! With pulse-pounding suspense and sensational skydiving, high-speed adventrue doesn’t move any faster than Terminal Velocity!

What it should say:

Charlie Sheen is crazy!