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Jason and Todd Are Back

The Film Pigs’ favorite podcast (other than their own and maybe Walking the Room and anything about sex that Todd can find) is back! It’s Jason and Todd Talk Through Lousy Films, and episode four is about a little known DIY picture called GETEVEN. It’s pronounced just the way it sounds…so if you are starved for Pigs podcasts, at least one of them is part of this: It’s also available on iTunes. And we promise, the Pigs is working on getting together to record some new episodes of their own. But scheduling is hard, yo.

A Lovely Companion Podcast For Film Pigs Fans!

I, the great Todd Anderson, sat down with Los Angeles critic Jason Rohrer to yammer our way through the eighties cult classic “CHUD.” No, it’s not a commentary. It’s two malcontents talking about everything from altercations with homeless people to getting free swag from movie studios. Check it out here , and subscribe on iTunes.

Todd Cheats on the Pigs!

Todd cheated on the Pigs with’s 5×5 podcast with Clare Kramer and Tory Mell. Filling in as co-host for Tory, Todd rather weakly helps Clare interview Matt and Morgan Walsh. They talk leather jackets, dressing your wife up as a prostitute, and Tom Skerritt’s gorgeous moustache.


Television’s Todd Robert Anderson on the Big Screen!

If you live in the Los Angeles area, here are a couple more chances to see Todd star in the indie private dick pic, Fuzz Track City:

Wednesday, October 17th at the El Portal on Lankershim in North Hollywood. Show starts at 7. Fuzz Track City will be preceded by a short film, which I’m told is quite good.

Friday, October 19th, 9pm, at the Hollywood Arclight as part of the Hollywood Film Festival.

If you do not live in Los Angeles, you should seriously consider a road trip. If you do live in Los Angeles and somehow can’t make either night…oh, come on, everyone knows you are full of shit.

UPDATE: You can buy tickets online right now, right here!