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MOVIE REVIEW: Prometheus

For thirteen glorious uncut minutes the Pigs discuss the latest Ridley Scott picture as well as Men In Black III, Battleship, and Rock of Ages. There are important lessons here, you guys. This isn’t just a bunch of guys on … Continue reading

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MOVIE REVIEW: The Avengers

The Pigs are back! With a vengeance! After being scared away from the multiplexes by Nic Cage and his Ghost Rider 2, the boys finally got up the guts to go to a movie theater to see The Avengers. True … Continue reading

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The Film Pigs Podcast #29: The Bacon – Scary Animal Movies

Poor Tonn Slingdog showed up to do his usual DTV Corner segment, but found out he was alone. No Pigs showed. In an attempt to respect the podcast’s listeners in a way the usual hosts clearly do not, Tonn yammers … Continue reading

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MOVIE REVIEW: Ghost Rider – Spirit Of Vengeance

A fan asked us via a passionate email to go see the new Ghost Rider film, he felt it was perfect synergy given our love of Nic Cage line readings. And while there were two very bizarre and lovely moments … Continue reading

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All Of Hudson’s Lines From Aliens

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MOVIE COMMENTARY: The Wolfman (2010)

Good Lord, where to start on this one? The Wolfman is a big-budget remake of a classic horror film that incorporates all of the slow, clunky nonsense of the original and adds a tired Anthony Hopkins, a strangely non-compelling Benicio Del Toro, that … Continue reading

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