Podcast #29 – The Bacon: Scary Animal Movies

Poor Tonn Slingdog showed up to do his usual DTV Corner segment, but found out he was alone. No Pigs showed. In an attempt to respect the podcast’s listeners in a way the usual hosts clearly do not, Tonn yammers for nearly half an hour about some horror movies featuring killer animals he vaguely remembers. Rambling and without a real point, at least this Pigs Podcast is…well, here.

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • 0:00:00 – Really Long Musical Intro
  • 0:01:01 – The Bacon: SCARY ANIMAL MOVIES
  • 0:28:51 – Outro

6 thoughts on “Podcast #29 – The Bacon: Scary Animal Movies”

  1. I’m with Colin. Tonn tries, and trying is all we can ask for from a junkie wacky on the tranqs. This was a great review. It’s like he was vomiting monster movies.

    Couple things. Kari Wuhrer was in Anaconda. Dina Meyer was in Bats. And my dreams. Pirahna was directed by Joe Dante. I’ve never seen Cujo. Is Dee Wallace as MILFy in it as she was in ET? ‘Cause I’m just sayin’. My dreams.

    1. Dee is very milfy in the first act…but when shit goes off the rails you’ll be way to freaked to be thinking about those kind of dreams…

  2. Just saw you on the Mutual Liberty ad 🙂 It reminded me to check the site for a new podcast, and lo and behold, Tonn Slingdog stands alone. For that we salute you.

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