Commentary #32 – The Core (2003)


There’s nothing more refreshing than a big Hollywood movie with a plot based on sound science. Since those don’t exist, the Film Pigs watched The Core instead. We’re not sure what was more astounding: the Space Shuttle crash landing in the LA river (which could TOTALLY happen), the amount of people per square mile that have pacemakers, or Stanley Tucci’s wig.

None of the clearly well-researched science in this movie would be believable if Aaron Eckhart hadn’t been sporting the frosted surfer-boy locks that were so common among scientists of the early 2000s. And who knew The Next Karate Kid could pilot a train with a laser on front straight into the earth?

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: Start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie.

14 thoughts on “Commentary #32 – The Core (2003)”

      1. Too much, but at least the guilt would be terribly authentic – the kind only felt after unicorn killings and the viewing of a Taye Diggs actioner.

  1. Bad science is right. If The Phantom Menace taught us anything, it’s that people can travel thru the center of a planet and emerge on the other side with only a couple of bite marks.

  2. Whoo! It’s good to have the Film Pigs back.

    I’m so happy you decided to do a commentary for this. I remember you referencing it a lot in your ‘Day After Tomorrow’ commentary. Looking forward to listening to it.

  3. Nothin’ caps off a night of eating naught but fudgesicles and jawbreakers like a Film Pigs commentary for The god damn Core.

    If I didn’t feel sick before, I will after re-watching that movie! Hopefully the commentary will repress the sick instead of auto-purging it.

    I forgot The Core even existed. I think my brain blanked out the memory so I could retain my sanity…

    1. Funnier, the Bad Astronomy guy did a review of The Core and linked to the screenwriter’s letter as well:

      His conclusion was the science is mostly preposterous but the movie is fun. Which, incidentally, is my conclusion as well.

      It’s too bad the screenwriter got so fussy about the criticisms (especially when he felt the need to take the same kind of cheap shots he felt others were taking at him). Part of the fun of a B sci-fi movie is the nonsense science. Sure, an underground laser-drilling train made out of an indestructible material on a mission to restart the earth’s core is silly, but you still root for that little train.

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