Podcast #123 – Favorite Action Movies

Happy end of Quarantapril everyone! The Film Pigs are back with a light and breezy episode discussing our favorite action movies! Plus, all our usual nonsense: a low-energy stab at the latest movie news, a surprisingly merciful session of movie jail, a record-setting bizarre line reading, a thrilling trivia game, and so very much more!

2 thoughts on “Podcast #123 – Favorite Action Movies”

  1. Kudos to Todd for mentioning SOUTHERN COMFORT. It may be my favourite Walter Hill movie, or a close second after the magnificent, criminally under-rated EXTREME PREJUDICE.

    The whole last act of SOUTHERN COMFORT is some of the most masterful suspense building in a movie you will ever see.

    And, quite frankly, I’m tired of people jizzing over THE WARRIORS. As Todd said, it’s pretty played out at this point. Walter Hill had a flawless first ten years as a director, and THE WARRIORS is way down my list of favourite films of his.

    That said, I did make sure I got a copy of the theatrical version on DVD before it went out of print, because I’m not fond of the director’s cut and the comic book panels he put in it.

    1. The Warriors is definitely overly-referenced, which I think contributes to any played out feelings, but I still dig it. But Extreme Prejudice is fantastic. Nobody does a deadly-still, simmering glare like Powers Boothe.

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