5 thoughts on “Review – Due Date (2010)”

  1. Oh you wrapped that puppy up, now I know why I didn’t want to see this picture, my worst fears have been backed up by the pigs. I mean why would anybody spend a ludicrous amount seeing shit like this when they could buy Plane, Trains for like £3 (Or $4.83420 according to “www.xe.com” but what the fuck do they know). However I can’t thank you guys enough from saving the torture of this movie.

  2. I figure I’m probably the only person on earth who hated THE HANGOVER. I honestly didn’t find that movie remotely funny.

    Personally, I thought I LOVE YOU, MAN was really sweet, endearing and enjoyable, and vastly better of the two ‘bro-mance’ comedies that came out around that time.

    1. And I guarantee Hangover is 1000% funnier than Due Date. So if you didn’t find Hangover at all funny, then I guess you’d find Due Date…1000% less funny. It will also give you a headache.

  3. Just the fact that they were almost creating a direct parody of ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’ is enough to make me dislike the movie. I didn’t think it was dreadful, but it would be torture for me to have to sit through again. I have seen worse, but this was still preeety bad.

    Listicle: Call me a sheep, but ‘Turner and Hooch’. Also, though, is it sad that I kind of liked ‘Toy Story’ as well? I blame Tom Hanks.

    1. It’s not sad, all three Toy Story movies are actually good (the old dog in TS3 is awesome). Pixar has a terrifyingly good track record. Even their “bad” movies are better than most others.

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