Todd At The Movies: A Super-Sexy Pictorial

A couple of weeks ago, Todd and I went to see The Ruins and were the only two people in the theater. Normally, Todd doesn’t like to be the center of attention, but with some gentle coaxing I was able to capture some rare and candid shots of Todd in the lobby. I expect a Miley Cyrus-like reaction from him almost immediately.

5 thoughts on “Todd At The Movies: A Super-Sexy Pictorial”

  1. I think we’ve all learned that you can often have more fun in a cinema lobby than in watching most movies.

    I hope you guys do a vlog on THE HAPPENING. I get the feeling it will be wretched.

  2. I’m hoping for Speed Racer being the next vlog.

    Then the segment can be “Hey Film Pigs, how many seizures did you guys have?”!

  3. I cannot look at the picture of Todd with the ‘Made of Honor’ poster and not laugh. These pictures are really hilarious. Looks like you guys had a good time.

    Todd deserves publicity. 😉

  4. I knew after seeing my first Film Pigs review, that I had seen Todd somewhere. Watching CSI reruns this evening proved that to me. Go Todd!

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