6 thoughts on “Review – Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull (2008)”

  1. Best Film Pigs Review Ever!

    Even though I went in to that movie thinking it was going to suck, it was STILL a disappointment.

    Here’s my favorite part of Crystal Skull: There was a group of 11 year olds sitting behind me, and when at the beginning of the movie the subtitles announced that it was 1957, one 11 year old turned to another and said “this takes place during world war two.” They then talked about throughout the rest of the movie as they tried to figure out what the plot was, who was good and who was bad (at one point one said “no, that’s Indiana Jones.”), and whether you could really drive a car onto a tree and then gently be set down in a river.

  2. Did you guys get kicked out of your theater space? WTF? You now have to resort to doing your shows outside? Like the HOMELESS! Or was is just too hot to sit in a car in the Valley?

  3. I read Darabont’s rejected script and it’s a much ‘smaller’, serious film. There’s no Mutt Williams and the whole movie is Indy and Marion.

    There’s a lot of amazing stuff in it but you can absolutely tell why Lucas freaked out and canned it.

    ‘Cause he’s a douche, that’s why.

  4. Greetings from Canada. Another great review, keep ’em coming. I had a comment on YouTube for this review but it got taken down (my comment, not the video). Is this how you treat fans? I listened to you guys doing commentary on a burning log!

    Also, why does Todd talk about shitting so much?

  5. We’ve never taken down any comments, Robert. Why would there still be so many, “You guys are gay faggots!” up there still then?

    Todd talks about shitting so much because he is a child.

  6. Yeah, come to think of it that may have been a browser fuckup. Anyway, keep ’em coming guys, they’re endlessly entertaining.

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