5 thoughts on “Review – The Dark Knight (2008)”

  1. I could not believe how freaking long that movie was.

    With Heath eating all the scenery rather than scrapping it I guess they found enough room in the budget to just keep going.

  2. Great segment. Oddly enough, I was waiting for the elephant sound at the end of it.

    I’m not all that sure – well actually, I’m not sure at all – where to make requests. Do you still take them? If not, then ignore this. I was extremely amused during your commentaries on Bratz, Transformers, the Yule Log and other movies you force yourselves to sit through (and I give you much credit for that). Still love all the commentaries just the same, but the way you guys respond to films that are completely out of your prefered genre is hilarious. So my request is this. Can you guys do more random movies, anything from Free Willy to Tommy Boy to some Disney movie to Grease? Honestly, you don’t even have to take this request. As long as the commentaries keep coming, my life will continue to be complete.

    Actually, my specific request is Rat Race. If you guys are willing, of course. That’d be sweet. If not, that’s fine. You guys are comic geniuses.

    Sorry if this wasn’t supposed to go here.

  3. I really liked how Batman kept getting f**ked up by dogs. Because in real life, bats are always getting f**ked up by dogs.

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