Podcast #16 – African-American Films

The Film Pigs are back with a brand new podcast. This episode, the Pigs discuss the current state of African-American Films in Hollywood. Then, a film professional is put on trial for crimes against cinema, a bizarre line reading, a snappy cold reading, and more!

Plus, an exciting game of trivia submitted to the show by Extra Hot Great‘s own Tara Ariano, who is way the hell better at movie trivia than any of us.

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:00:41 – Movie News
  • 0:04:56 – Host Stephen Falk presents this episode’s theme: African-American Films
  • 0:26:59 – Todd Anderson presents a case to send someone to Movie Jail
  • 0:39:27 – The Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading
  • 0:42:10 – A Cold Reading from Joe vs. The Volcano
  • 0:50:49 – Movie Hotel Trivia!
  • 1:08:27 – The Bottom Five: Worst Movies About Race Relations
  • 1:10:05 – A Moment of Positivity
  • 1:11:35 – Outro

11 thoughts on “Podcast #16 – African-American Films”

  1. What a great episode. Really interesting points brought up in the discussion.

    And, as always, funny as hell. The cold reading was particularly great. I’ve never seen ‘Joe Versus the Volcano’, but I’m very tempted to now.

  2. Came here thanks to Tara’s link at Extra Hot Great. Really enjoyed it, especially the Joe Vs. Volcano cold reading, mainly because Todd sounds remarkably like Tom Hanks. Couple of notes: the bad customer who lays out his tip and removes one bill at a time in front of the waitress is John Lithgow in 3rd Rock From The Sun, not Cheers. Also: regarding the line reading from Aliens, an ex-Marine once explained to me that “Look into my eye” is only half of the phrase, the 2nd half being, “And tell me if you see someone who gives a fuck.”

    1. Also I agree Crash is all top 5 spots in worst race relations movies. And Spike Lee was Mars Blackmon in the Nike ads, not Mookie.

    2. Thanks for listening, we’re glad you enjoyed the show.

      The unspoken second half of the Aliens line makes a whole lot of sense, considering what a pain in the ass Hudson is to Apone, and the actor Al Matthews brings that irritation out through his performance. I really do love everything about the Apone character.

    3. I don’t doubt that the bit was done on that alien program, but I guarantee it happened on Cheers first. Carla dumped the guy’s drink on his head. What did Lithgow do?

      1. My bad, I didn’t know it was both! I love Cheers, I’m surprised I don’t recall that. In 3rd Rock, Lithgow put a pile of singles on the table and informed the waitress that this was her maximum possible tip, and that he would remove a dollar every time she made a mistake.

  3. Great episode. I’m just loving these. The hotel game needed to be easier but was kind of fun anyway.

    I always thought Apone was giving Hudson the finger when he says “Look into my eye.” He’s holding his cigar and using his middle finger to pull his eye down.

    I loved the cold reading. I’ve got to go watch that movie again.

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