Commentary #41 – Cabin Fever 2 (2009)


Happy Halloween everybody! The Film Pigs are proud to present another holiday-related commentary, this time of the classic flesh-eating sequel Cabin Fever 2: Spring Fever. The movie so full of fever, they had to use the word “fever” twice. So you don’t forget there’s some kind of fever.

Pay close attention to the snacks in this commentary – they are particularly vile and you should approach them in real life at your own risk. Learn from our mistakes.

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD).

One thought on “Commentary #41 – Cabin Fever 2 (2009)”

  1. I heard that Ti West pretty much disowned this movie. I don’t blame him, since he then went on to direct the excellent HOUSE OF THE DEVIL.

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