Commentary #42 – Die Hard 2 (1990)


Happy holidays, everyone! It’s a Christmas Miracle! The Film Pigs round out 2011 with a treat that’s sure to please everyone: a commentary for the marginally holiday-themed Bruce Willis classic, Die Hard 2! Or, as it’s known in the Philippines, the UK, and on USA video boxes – Die Hard 2: Die Harder. Because nothing says “we put minimal effort into thinking this whole thing through” like an uninspired subtitle.

PLEASE NOTE: you may wish to put the kids to bed before screening, unless you want to expose your precious little ones to William Sadler’s inexplicably naked Tai chi routine. You’ve been warned.

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: Start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie.

One thought on “Commentary #42 – Die Hard 2 (1990)”

  1. Renny Harlin has supplied you with material for years of seasonal commentary.

    For Easter you should do a double bill of his and Paul Schrader’s EXORCIST prequels. Back to back.

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