Podcast #22 – War Movies

It’s 2012 and the Film Pigs are back with a brand-new podcast not even the Mayans predicted! First up this year is a round table on War Movies! Plus, an international Movie Jail, an epic Bizarre Line Reading, the return of the Cold Reading, a trivia game that’s actually a trivia game and not just silly nonsense, and more! Prince Henry Stout!

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:00:40 – Movie News
  • 0:07:18 – Host Stephen J. Skelton presents this episode’s theme: War Movies
  • 0:30:48 – Movie Jail
  • 0:37:20 – The Nic Cage Memorial Bizarre Line Reading
  • 0:42:48 – A Cold Reading from FULL METAL JACKET
  • 0:48:02 – Movie/Character/Actor!*
  • 1:07:26 – The Bottom 5: Worst Moments In War Movies
  • 1:08:56 – A Moment Of Positivity
  • 1:10:09 – Outro

* Once again, Skelton proves to be an incompetent scorekeeper, but at least this time it didn’t affect the actual winner.

7 thoughts on “Podcast #22 – War Movies”

  1. Todd was so good I thought it was actually R.Lee Ermey.

    Can’t believe Busey lasted this long without getting into the N.C.M.B.L.R..

    In keeping with the theme I think you guys should have thrown Coppola into the clink in this episode to prevent him from further tarnishing his reputation.

  2. This is just me assuming, but I have a feeling the reason ‘Rango’ is top consideration is because it’s so American. I know that’s caused a lot of bias in the past at the Oscars, the one piss-off for me being when ‘Chicago’ won over ‘The Pianist’. (Me, I’m definitely rooting for ‘Adventures of Tintin’ for that category. Best animation I’ve seen since ‘Avatar’, but with a much more interesting story.)

    Interesting topic this podcast. I actually ended up learning a lot. 🙂 Didn’t know or consider a lot of things you brought up.

    I always look forward to the game. And I loved this playing. Hope you guys play it again in the future.

  3. When I read “Prince Henry Stout” in the episode description, I assumed it was some kind of fancypants beer the Pigs were getting drunk on during recording. I’m not sure if that says more about me or you guys…

  4. Thankyou thankyou thankyou Todd for using that speech by Gary Busey from Surviving the Game. It’s one I remember vividly from childhood, and was certain I would never hear again (because why would I, unless I watched it again, hmm, maybe in a double bill with Hard Target).
    And you posted it on my birthday!
    Many thanks!

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