5 thoughts on “Review – Haywire, Underworld: Awakening, Contraband”

  1. No more vlogs? That’s a damn shame, it was the reviews (namely the Let The Right One In review) that introduced me to you folks. Oh well, as long as the Pigs stay alive then I’ll stay a fan.

    Glad to hear Haywire was better than some reviews make it out to be, and you’re right that it’s about time we once again have a movie heroine that looks the part. Carano in a Commando remake? Yes please.

      1. Falk was returned to us without incident, so you can look forward to more vlogs in the future.

        Unless he’s in a plane crash and is eaten by wolves.

    1. I would go see RED TAILS in a flat second if there was no Lucas involved. I’m a huge fan of untold WWII stories – Google “761st tank battalion” for the movie I really want to see.

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