12 thoughts on “Film Pigs coming to GeekNation.com!”

  1. Most exciting thing since the first podcast. 😀 Can’t wait, fellas!

    Also, have fun at the ‘Fuzz Track City’ premiere! Can we expect it on Netflix?

  2. I heard that Weeds is coming to an end. Great writing on that show. Good on you. I know you can’t really reveal any spoilers or anything on here, but could you at least tell me if you’re going to explain what the fucking black smoke monster is?

  3. The Film Pigs with a budget?!? Is the Scotch included at craft services? Have we seen the last of Skelton’s Civic? Love Falk’s delivery of the Ratner line, and I’m looking forward to this. When does it start?

    1. GeekNation.com just launched the beta of their site and are in various stages of production with their slate of shows. We’re in pre-production right now, which means we’re getting a set built and working out concepts for our pilot episode. No hard date for a premiere yet, but rest assured we will be more than excited to promote ourselves when the time comes. Because we are sad and need attention.

  4. Upon first glance at this post, I was worried y’all had sold out. Then I saw the level of professionalism in the video. Whew.

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