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    1. Nope. We’re still doing the podcast, although we haven’t yet worked out cross-country recording logistics. Until then, we’re planning on doing some more Bacon episodes.

  1. It’s a bummer that Falk will be sitting out of the reviews, but I’m glad it sounds like the site will mostly be business as usual. More Bacon sounds good.

  2. Of course its market driven and way too early for a reboot, but I still liked this film. It was more intimate than Raimi’s films, with a narrower focus on Peter Parker and fewer action set pieces. It was a smaller film and I found that refreshing in the usually bloated super hero genre. The acting, art direction and cinematography were top notch. I still think Raimi’s films were better overall, but as a slightly different look at the character I wiked it awot. You guys are being a little less fair and a little more cynical than normal. Are you off your meds? 🙂

    1. My gut feeling for comic book movies is that less action set pieces is generally a bad idea. I go to comic book movies to see comic book action, not a lot of talking (unless there is an amazing performance like Ledger in Dark Knight, an exception to the rule).

      I don’t think the new Spider-Man was any more intimate that Raimi’s versions. They just mined the Peter Parker’s folks were secret agents thing to tie everything back to Oscorp, which I thought was kind of pointless and info-dump-y (I care about how Parker deals with being Spider-Man, not the minutiae of how he got there). If they’d really wanted to focus on his character, they should have stripped all that extraneous junk out and made the movie about an awkward high school kid discovering his self-worth by learning how to be a hero, like the original Lee/Ditko comic.

      That being said, we did like the cast a lot, just not the movie itself. Yes, cinematography and design was all good (although I’m not sure why the minor changes to his costume were necessary), but the movie didn’t really do much to distinguish itself from what has gone before. I think we were cranky, but fair. It was hardly a train wreck like a Daredevil or Catwoman.

      Also, if you’re doing a smaller movie, then don’t make it run over 2 hours. You could make a great, tight 90-minute Spider-Man flick. I would love to see a sequel with the same cast, but really stripped down to a lean running time. And bring back J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson! What were they thinking leaving him out?

  3. I did miss Simmons. I think the Cohen Brothers should direct the next one.

    Daredevil is the best worst super-hero movie of all time! It teaches valuable lessons like: serial rapists deserve to be thrown in front of trains, pointlessly killing old people is awesome, and having super-hearing gives you the ability to jump off 40 story buildings. Also: Electric Nachos 🙂

    1. I have a soft spot for all the Punisher movies. The original with Dolph Lundgren, the Tom Jane version, and Punisher: War Zone. All are different kinds of bananas. Although, I would like to see Tom Jane as Punisher again. And, apparently, so would he:

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