GeekNation Show #9 – Take it or Joseph Gordon-Levitt

The Pigs tell you whether you should see the latest scary cartoon for kids, take another shot at seeing the new Paul Thomas Anderson movie, and uncover some amazing deleted scenes from popular feature films.

4 thoughts on “GeekNation Show #9 – Take it or Joseph Gordon-Levitt”

  1. My submission for same title, different movie: The Avengers, the biggest movie of this year, a Ralph Fiennes/Uma Thurman bomb from the 90’s with Eddie Izzard and of course Sean Connery controlling the weather or something…

  2. Hey, it’s Shannon Hilary! I don’t think I’ve seen her since the days of the old vlog, your review of (I think?) one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Great show, as always. One minor bone to pick–although it’s not with you guys but the setup on Geek Nation–why does the fullscreen option not actually fill my screen? Only takes up the most of the web browser’s window. Eh, minor quibble. Keep up the good work.

  3. Same name double feature for me has to be Blown Away, starring the two Coreys (Feldman and Haim) and featuring a frequently naked Nicole Eggert. I have no recollection of the plot whatsoever, except that Nicole probably played a seemingly precocious, but in actuality psychotic horny teenager. Whatever. Lots of boobs were involved, as I recall, which is never a bad thing.

    Followed (or preceded, take your pick) by Blown Away, starring Jeff Bridges and his dad, Tommy Lee Jones and his scenery-chewing teeth, and Forest Whitaker. IRA bomber blows up Boston while listening to U2. Script (and movie in general) is so terrible that Jeff Bridges couldn’t make it work even if he’d drunk as much cheap whiskey as his Crazy Heart character did, but I own it on DVD and can’t not watch it if I ever come across it on basic cable.

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