Podcast #37 – The Bacon: Todd’s Movie Career

Yes, it’s another Bacon episode. Yes, we’re talking about Todd again. Cut us some slack, we’ve been working and Falk’s been stuck in NY without power. Although, Todd usually has pretty good stories about shows he’s worked on, so this isn’t so bad.

This time, on a very special episode of The Film Pigs Podcast:

  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:06:05 – The Bacon: Todd’s Movie Career
  • 1:02:19 – Outro

7 thoughts on “Podcast #37 – The Bacon: Todd’s Movie Career”

  1. Todd’s mentioning of the ‘Rental Car’ episodes of ‘Doug Loves Movies’ was genius.

    I always skip those things as well. As well as any episode of ‘DLM’ that has Jeff Garlin or Pete Holmes.

    1. I think Falk may have actually coined “The Bacon”, but I take it to mean an episode of the podcast where we focus on one topic with no other prepared segments. Think of a BLT sandwich as a regular podcast – when you strip away the bread, lettuce and tomato segments, you’re left with The Bacon!

  2. Call me a completionist, I guess. I like the bacon episodes. Not as much as the regular episodes, but the regular episode stuff is—no joke—my favorite podcast.

    Which raises a question. Is there a way to contribute to Film Pigs monetarily or in pizzas? Because I do that. I’m no freeloader. I’m a payloader.

    1. We like the Bacon episodes, too, although we do want to get back to our original format. It’s been tough with Falk out of town. Now, of course, I will be out of town for a few months on a job, so we’ll have to see what we can figure out podcast-wise.

      We don’t have any kind of donation account set up (mostly because we are highly disorganized and easily distracted), but the thought is most appreciated. That may be something we’ll consider in the future.

      Unfortunately, I can’t eat pizza very often any more since cutting out red meat and as much cheese as possible has finally gotten my cholesterol down to acceptable levels. Curse the cruel universe that has forever separated me from pizza!

  3. I realise Todd considered this episode self-indulgent but I would urge him to do another one where he tells stories about his TV appearances.

    I always enjoyed the audition stories he would sprinkle throughout the commentaries and I find him telling tales of his life as an actor to be very funny and interesting. Especially if he can trash a few people who were assholes to him along the way.

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