Podcast #38 – Holiday Movies

With Stephen Skelton shanghaied in Poland, the Pigs that remain Stateside sit down and bang out the first structured podcast in months. That’s right! This ain’t no bacon…this is a rump roast…or something. Steve Falk and Todd Anderson discuss what makes a good holiday movie, why so many of them are bad, and why there are so many horror movies about Christmas. As if that kind of incredible conversation that nobody has ever had before isn’t enough, an unbelievably unpredictable round of movie jail will leave your head spinning, and then there’s a holiday edition of the Nic Cage Memorial Line Reading, AND a trivia game created by a listener! I don’t think a movie lover could ask for a better Christmas present! (Now, if Skelton was in country, there would be a time code list of the segments so you could skip ahead to your favorite ones. But he’s not here. Todd is lazy. So you are just going to have to wade through the boring parts to get to the gold nuggets. Tough shit.)

4 thoughts on “Podcast #38 – Holiday Movies”

  1. Listening to the game I created I felt so bad for Falk. I forgot half the answers myself. Kudos for avoiding Ernest Saves Christmas!

    I was surprised there was no mention of Alastair Sim’s Scrooge. His transformation from grouchy and miserly to generous and gleeful is still the best take on the character I’ve ever seen.
    Another super-classy Christmas movie is Joyeux Noel, about English, French, and German troops during WW1 who agree to a ceasefire on Christmas and come out of the trenches, sing carols, and play football together. True story, apparently.
    You also failed to mention Silent Night, Deadly Night 5: The Toy Maker, an unforgivable snub.

    Since you discussed the upcoming Die Hard sequel in this podcast, I’d like to add that the first time I ever heard the film pigs was five years ago when I first watched Falk and Anderson review “Live Free or Die Hard” in a car, and thought “who the heck ARE these guys?” Loyal listener ever since. 🙂

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