GeekNation Show #37 – Reunited

Steve Skelton is back from the icy chill of Poland, and very clearly excited about the bikini weather of Los Angeles! After talking the latest releases and enjoying some single malt popcorn, the Pigs explore the filmmaking tool called the “MacGuffin.” And if that don’t suit ya…I guess you can’t be suited. Or something.

Special appearance by Clare Kramer

2 thoughts on “GeekNation Show #37 – Reunited”

  1. I’m so excited to have the three of you back together. It was like there was a disturbance in my life with first having Falk away and then Skelton. Great episode too! Can’t wait to hear the reunion podcast. And thanks to Skelton for teaching me what a macguffin is; now I get why there’s a local theater company named that. Fun and educational!

    1. It was great to finally be back with all the Pigs. Strange to think we’ve actually done more episodes with one of us missing than we’ve done together.

      I’m glad you learned something new. Now maybe my grant application will get approved.

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