5 thoughts on “Trilogyometer”

  1. Yep, that’s pretty accurate. Although they’re a bit too generous to Burton’s first BATMAN.

    That movie sucks ass.

  2. Hey, that’s neat. Most of them are pretty accurate except for the first Matrix (too high), the first Jurassic Park (a little too low), the third Godfather (too low), and, like Colin said, the first Batman.

  3. This chart perpetuates the lie that Terminator 2 was in any way, shape or form an improvement over the first film. That is a lie. A stinking lie!

    It’s a little too hard on the Matrix sequels, too. Come on, they were… not agonizing. They didn’t make you want to kill the filmmakers and then yourself. (Unlike, say, Terminator 2.)

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