4 thoughts on “Review – Pacific Rim”

    1. Thanks, Dan! For me, there was too much development for characters that were all pretty formulaic to begin with (not saying that’s a bad thing – that’s what works well in a roller coaster movie like PR so you can get back to the action). Personally, I don’t think going deeper on the characters would have helped the movie. But then again, I think all movies are too long and need 30 minutes cut out of their middle acts. 🙂

  1. The characters were stock but played sincerely enough to override the cheesiness of the script. Although the zany scientists were kind of obnoxious.

    The less said about the “Australian” characters the better. Why do they hire Brits and excuse their shoddy accents? I know 90% of the world is tone-deaf to an accurate Australian accent, but surely there are enough beefy, manly Aussie actors in LA to actually cast some.

    I guess I’m just glad the writers restrained themselves enough to not give them lines like: “Crikey! That thing’s more pissed off than a wallaby with it’s foot in a trap, mate!!” and that sort of shit.

    Overall I enjoyed this a lot, but I’m a big enough fan of Del Toro to have actually bought into the outrageous hyperbole that was out there before it opened. So I can’t help but be a little disappointed that the script and characters were so flat and obvious.

    And alas, I didn’t sit through the credits. Back in the day (when cinemas gave a shit) if there was a little post-credits sting they would leave the lights down to indicate that the movie wasn’t over.

    Now they don’t give a shit. The bring the lights up before the director’s credit is even off the screen.

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