Commentary #3 – The Day After Tomorrow (2004)


The Film Pigs learn an important lesson about the environment in an action-thriller-blockbuster that, after a great first hour of destruction, combines the excitement of a summit on global warming with the pulse-pounding adventure of Dennis Quaid walking! In snowshoes! (IMDb)

TO SYNC WITH MOVIE: start this commentary 10 seconds after starting movie (chapter 1 for DVD/BD).

One thought on “Commentary #3 – The Day After Tomorrow (2004)”

  1. “I’m going to the GAAAAAAAAAAP…!”

    Hehe. This one was really good. Again, seriously, you need your own show. Radio, TV, whatever. Just get famous and let the world discover you, dammit! Your talent is too good to waste. Not that these commentaries are a waste. I’ve downloaded pretty much all of them.

    Now if you need me, I’ll be in the bomb shelter for when you invade Canada.

    Wait wait wait, this is Steve: “NaaAAaaAAaa…!” Joking. Steve’s awesome, as are Todd and Skelton.

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