GeekNation Show #109 – The Piglettes

It’s a hostile takeover of the Pigs in this all-woman edition of the show! Kether Donohue, Janet Varney, Chelsey Donn, and Hilary Anderson do what Steve, Todd and Steve usually do with the popcorns and the Rash Judgments and the silly sketchings. And men are relegated to sexually objectified pieces of furniture in this game-changer. Which, after all, is how it should be.

2 thoughts on “GeekNation Show #109 – The Piglettes”

  1. Yay, Janet Varney! I’m watching season three of LEGEND OF KORRA at the moment so it’s a little odd to hear Korra’s voice coming out of a real human instead of a cartoon character.

    And Todd’s pasty flesh is something I really didn’t need to see.

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